About this survey

One of the main expected results of the HAQAA3 initiative is that an African Credit Transfer System is finalized and supported by higher education authorities and HEIs in all five African regions, through regional university associations and QA/accreditation networks.
To achieve this result, one of the main deliverables is a report on the state of the art in Africa on academic credits
The data collected in this desk research will be systematized to produce a first report. The report will also take on board existing proposals from credit systems at regional level (e.g. IUCEA and SADC) as well as relevant literature, like that pertaining to national and regional qualifications frameworks in Africa (mapped through the ACQF project).


The survey on the African Credit Transfer System is available in four official languages of the African Union: English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. You can select your preferred language by clicking on the button at the top right of the survey.