A ‘Conversation’ of the Africa-Sub Group of the Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue (GPD) of the BFUG

This dialogue event is currently being offered as part of a series of Online EHEA-Africa Conversations on Recognition in Higher Education, as a third, hybrid activity for African and EHEA stakeholders and members of the BFUG, and as a means to prepare the Global Policy Forum in the Tirana Ministerial Conference planned for 2024.

It is supported by and framed under the HAQAA Initiative, financed by the EU, with additional support and funding from the IN GLOBAL project and OBREAL, an association that supports inter-regional policy dialogue.

The Dialogue will take place physically in Barcelona on January 18-19, 2023. It will be preceded by three invitation-only meetings, for which you can also register

  • A meeting of the CG GPD (17 January)
  • A meeting of the HAQAA3 Steering Committee (17 January – morning)
  • A meeting of the HAQAA3 Advisory Board (17 January afternoon).