Advancing the African Credit Transfer System selects 10 African countries and 100 HEI to participate in a pilot application of the ACTS, by revising a study programme accordingly and generally building capacity to understand and apply credit systems for curricula reform and recognition of studies.

The main outputs for this work area are as follows:

  • State of the art report on academic credits: HAQAA3 will produce a comprehensive report on the current state of academic credits produced in Africa. This report will provide valuable insights for the effective implementation of ACTS.
  • ACTS Implementation Feasibility Report: A detailed feasibility report on the further implementation of the ACTS will be prepared. This report will outline the necessary steps, potential challenges and strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • Pilot ACTS in 100 universities: In order to test the effectiveness of the ACTS, HAQAA3 will conduct a pilot programme in 100 universities. The ACTS will be implemented in a selected programme, allowing for valuable feedback and refinement.
  • Creation of the ACTS Virtual Collaboration Space: A virtual collaboration space will be established to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in the implementation of the ACTS.
  • Completion of the training programme: Over 500 staff from higher education institutions will complete the ACTS training programme, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to support the implementation process.
  • Develop institutional strategies: HAQAA3 will work with 100 institutions to develop institutional strategies aimed at replicating the successful implementation of the ACTS pilot programme in other programmes and disciplines.
  • Production of the ACTS User’s Guide: A comprehensive ACTS User’s Guide will be developed, providing step-by-step guidance and best practices for institutions wishing to adopt and implement ACTS.
  • Launch of ACTS Ambassadors: 100 ACTS Ambassadors will be appointed and integrated into the HAQAA Ambassador Network. These Ambassadors will play a crucial role in advocating for the adoption and successful implementation of the ACTS across the continent.

This Work Area builds upon a Road Map for the ACTS in Africa, published under HAQAA2.