The Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (PAQAA) Work Area will bring forward the important recommendations made to the African Union Commission at the end of HAQAA2, for a four phase progressive approach to setting up the agency, defining its governance structure and building African capacity to drive it, all while ensuring its added value and complementary with QA developments at national and regional level.

The main outputs for this work area are as follows:

  • Capacitating the PAQAA Technical Unit: HAQAA3 will strengthen the PAQAA Technical Unit so that it can act as an interim body for the PAQAA Secretariat.
  • Establishment of a PAQAA reference website: A dedicated PAQAA website will be developed as a central hub for presenting and promoting PAQAA developments. It will serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders across the continent.
  • Facilitating inter-regional dialogue: HAQAA3 will organise inter-regional dialogues to promote discussions on PAQAA. This will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Consolidated recommendations for PAQAA governance and funding: A comprehensive report will be produced with consolidated recommendations for the governance and funding of the PAQAA initiative to ensure its sustainability and success.
  • Draft PAQAA constitution: HAQAA3 will develop and consult on a PAQAA constitution that will set out the framework and guidelines for the operation and governance of PAQAA.
  • Proposal for ASG-QA compliance assessment: A proposal will be made to assess compliance with the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ASG-QA) to ensure consistent quality standards across the continent.
  • Publication of annual QA country updates: Regular updates on national quality assurance (QA) systems will be published annually, providing insight into progress and developments in each country.
  • Formation of the PAQAA Executive Board: The PAQAA Executive Board is constituted to provide strategic leadership and direction for PAQAA activities.
  • Organisation of the first PAQAA General Assembly: The inaugural meeting of the PAQAA General Assembly is organised, bringing together stakeholders to discuss and shape the future direction of PAQAA.

This Work Area builds on the important document produced by HAQAA2 which outlines a four phase progressive establishment of the PAQAA