The Regional Integration and Policy Dialogue Work Area is transversal: It will provide continued online training and development of learning materials related regional integration in HE, support policy dialogue, articulate African QA networks and ensure African integration is seen in an inter-regional, comparative perspective.

The main outputs for this work area are as follows:

  • Launch of online course series: HAQAA3 will conduct an engaging and informative online course on African continental and regional integration and cooperation in higher education. The course is a new edition of the course conducted in HAQAA2, this time available in both Portuguese and French, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.
  • Specialised Private Online Courses (SPOC): HAQAA3 will organise three rounds of Specialised Private Online Courses on African continental and regional integration in higher education. Each course will have a minimum of 30 participants and will provide an interactive and personalised learning experience.
  • Interregional Policy Dialogues: To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, HAQAA3 will organise at least two interregional policy dialogues per year. These dialogues will be virtual or hybrid, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss and shape the future of higher education in Africa.
  • Physical Africa-EHEA Dialogue event: HAQAA3 will host a physical event linked to a major activity of the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) focusing on the Africa-European Higher Education Area (EHEA) dialogue. This event will serve as a platform to strengthen links and partnerships between African and European higher education institutions.
  • Support to major African networks: HAQAA3 will provide extensive support to major African networks. HAQAA3 will actively promote their initiatives, facilitate their participation in conferences and establish links with the Ambassadors and the Regional Integration Network to foster collaboration and cooperation.

This Work Area further exploits the open source materials produced under HAQAA2 on Comparative Regional Integration in Higher Education.