Capacity Building and training for IQA and EQA offers continental training courses to EQA and IQA professionals, as well as HEI leadership and students, regarding continental tools and frameworks and how to build quality culture according to African standards. It also nurtures a growing pool of HAQAA ambassadors.

The main outputs for this work area are as follows:

  • Training of HEI professionals: HAQAA3 will train 140 Higher Education Institution (HEI) professionals at universities, equipping them with expertise in regional integration in higher education. Specifically, HAQAA3 will focus on training them to manage internal quality assurance (QA) processes and apply continental tools and frameworks to improve educational standards.
  • Sensitising university vice-chancellors: HAQAA3 will sensitise 70 university vice chancellors on quality management, strategic positioning and the importance of continental goals for integration.
  • Training of quality assurance agencies and authorities: HAQAA3 efforts will extend to training 90 staff from QA agencies and authorities in regional integration in higher education, external quality assurance (EQA), continental tools, frameworks and self-assessment practices.
  • Capacity building of student representatives: HAQAA3 will train 70-100 student representatives in quality assurance practices and external evaluation of higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies.
  • Dissemination projects: HAQAA3 will implement dissemination projects led by HAQAA3 training graduates, resulting in the training of a further 200-250 QA professionals across Africa.
  • Strengthen African QA evaluators: HAQAA3 will expand the pool of African QA evaluators to ensure a pool of highly qualified professionals capable of conducting effective evaluations and promoting continuous improvement in higher education.
  • Staff exchange programme for peer learning: Five QA agencies in Africa will participate in a staff exchange programme to promote peer learning and knowledge sharing to improve QA practices.
  • Involvement of African countries/QA agencies: HAQAA3 aim to engage 30 African countries/QA authorities in follow-up visits, agency reviews or consultancy visits to assess progress and provide tailored support for quality assurance.
  • Conduct regional webinar series: To raise public awareness, HAQAA3 will conduct five regional webinar series focusing on the use of the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ASG-QA) and its User’s Guide.
  • Revision and republication of the ASG-QA: The ASG-QA is being revised and republished in four languages to ensure accessibility and widespread use across the continent.