Basiru Mbenga

Teaching and learning are education processes.

These processes have undergone several stages in human history and educational development. Each process has also been underpinned by educational psychology and philosophy.

In my opinion, Constructivism tends to echo the need to allow learners to take greater control of the learning process while teachers act as facilitators.

Thus, there is teaching for learning and learning for teaching.

As teachers, it is important to note that whilst teaching you endeavour to learn from what learners learn. Conversely, learners learn when teachers teach. Therefore it is apparent that each process is a sine qua non to the other.

With the advent of new technologies and A.I. in education as well as the ongoing revision of STISA, it is inevitable that a strongsr synergy must be built between AAU and regional blocks to support AHEIs in their quest to apply transformative teaching and learning.