Training is an approach that cuts across all HAQAA3 work areas. Different trainings will target different audiences and have different focuses, but all will include a virtual introductory module on comparative regional and continental integration as a basis for understanding a particular topic in context. Training will be delivered in virtual and hybrid formats.

  • Hybrid training on internal quality assurance, continental frameworks and tools and current issues (digitalisation and doctoral training)
  • Hybrid training on external quality assurance (quality assurance agency self-assessment and external review, impact on recognition, current trends and issues)
  • Virtual training for students on the role of students in quality assurance processes
  • Hybrid training on credit systems and their impact, curriculum development and recognition (linked to the ACTS pilot project)
  • Hybrid training on higher education data collection and analysis, targeted at higher education institutions and authorities and delivered at regional level
  • Online Courses and SPOCs for higher education professionals and authorities on continental and regional integration.

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