Let me start with a general comment inspired by the last comment by Prof Olusola , on what can be done to make our teachers and Professors to plug into the new mode of teaching and learning.
From my experience , before COVID-19 came to disrupt our comfort zones, most teachers and more so Professors resisted any new thing in what they were used to, after all the legislative authorities give them ‘Academic Freedom’ that they may drive the teaching process the way they know best without worrying about a big brother checking what they are doing. However, during COVID-19 , the very existence of the traditional teaching methods were under great threat. University Senates had to embrace the new technology inspired methods , and the teachers had to tore the line (almost using threats and coercion from University Management). I see most very happy with the use of Synchronous and asynchronous methods.

So, i propose the following;
a) Each University to administer a survey targeting the teachers and the professors because each University maybe at a different level of use of the new mode of teaching and learning
b) from the responses , we are able to design the interventional strategy
c) AAU rolls out a sensitization targeting all the Universities

Dr. Michael Wangai
Snr Quality Assurance Officer
University of Nairobi