Basiru Mbenga

Hello Olubanke Ogunlana,
Thank you for your thought provoking questions.

However, I wish you also attempted to answer the questions raised in a bid to kick start an interested debate.

Nevertheless, I will attempt to answer your questions as follows:

1.Who should constitute and drive the policy to bring about these transformative changes we desire?
I believe several stakeholders like AUC, AAU, donors, AHEIs (including lecturers, general staff and students), civil society,etc. should take part in the policy formulation and implementation.
2. Who should fund the trainings for the desired changes in the teaching models?
Governments, AHEIs and Quality Assurance bodies (Internal and external), international partners, researchers, training organisations are key contributors.
3. What timeline do we give for all these to happen to deliver on the Africa we want?
The timeline should be linked to the Continental Education Strategy for Africa/Science Technology & Innovation Strategy for Africa 2034.
4. A strategic plan needs to be developed to determine the various roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Warmest regards.

Basiru Mbenga