Joseph Daka

My names are Joseph Daka from Zambia. I have taken some time to listen to videos and some of the posts by the various participants. Also being an Africa myself and taught in the typical African fashion, i can relate with the responses proposed as speaking to my situation. The questions posed by our colleague Olubank Ogunlana positions intervention from an external perspective. Thanks for Mercy Mercy another participant who looked to me(us) as being the immediate intervention.

The shift of teaching and learning has been driven by western theoretical perspectives on pedagogy. The prominent teacher centred approach stifles innovation mindset which favours discovery or experiential learning which is informed by student centred approach. The drive to train masses favours the former approach and the drive to foster the latter require specific investment for teaching and learning of few numbers. Each region should map their transformation, leverage on common related examples from others, raise champions for the course, support them and build progressively.