Fatoumata Keita

In response to the question “How can we further promote life-long learning in Africa?”, I think that the CESA can give us some clues. The Continental Education Strategy for Africa recommends a paradigm shift as far as curriculum is concerned. Another way is to encourage self-learning and self-training. Most of the skills required in this 21st century are offered outside the classrooms. There is a wide range of self-placed courses, both synchronous and asynchronous, that learners can access sometime freely on digital platforms to empower themselves and get new skills. So promoting life long learning requires free MOOC courses and platforms for learners to acquire new skills, up-skill themselves and become more confident in this new world beset with complex issues that require transversal skills.
Finally, we can foster life long learning by improving connectivity in the continent. Many universities and schools in many African countries have lot of challenges regarding connectivity.