Loide N. Shifula

I am Loide N. Shifula from Namibia.
First and foremost I would like to commend and support the idea of learning through projects, as advocated by Prof Altagracia Cuevas. My thoughts are for this model to be implemented at all universities’ faculties and schools, as it will help address most issues that are raised and are taken to be imperative in the learning and teaching for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Project Based Learning (as we refer to it in the School of Education – University of Namibia) is a pedagogical model that enhance educational aspects such as inquiry techniques, students learn to work collaboratively with others, as well asemploying digital and other technologies. All these are part of developing 21st Century skills: collaboration, communication, problem solving, critical thinking and innovation.

Prof Charmaine Villet and Prof Ramon Torrent have outstandingly unpack the notion of teaching and learning; and I would like to (in principle) agree on the following aspects:
1. Programmes are varied, in the sense that, every field of study encompass unique forms of teaching and learning / learning and teaching. This also applies to specific modules.
2. A good lecturer should be a guider, helper and facilitator in the course of helping students to acquire knowledge and skills.
3. African universities should work on mechanisms of instilling in students motivation, rigourness and self-discipline. Students should be willing to learn! (A 1st semester module for all freshmen on how to learn, probably?). Motivate the culture of READING!
4. The use of tutors to break down the content taught by the lecturer should be embrased.

Moreover, I move that we need to design a project or study that will enable the HAQAA programme get empirical data from much bigger audience, from public and private universities across Africa. This will give a picture of the reality on the ground (from different African regions). We are ready!