HAQAA Initiative is organising the Africa-EHEA Dialogue on recognition and quality assurance

HAQAA is organising the Africa-EHEA Dialogue on Recognition and Quality Assurance, which will bring together representatives of African and European governments, institutions and higher education organisations.

This important meeting, organised by OBREAL, leader of the HAQAA initiative implementation team, with the support of the Universitat de Barcelona, will bring together more than 70 participants from different countries on both continents. The conference will take place from Wednesday 17 January to Friday 19 January in the prestigious setting of the historic building of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Over the three days, a wide range of discussions and collaborative initiatives will take place, involving both face-to-face and virtual engagement. Participants will share their insights in various conferences, debates and working groups on topics such as policy recognition, micro-credentials, lifelong learning, quality assurance systems and the specific roles of African and European agencies and universities.

The event will bring together high-level participants from organisations such as the European Commission, the African Union, UNESCO, the Coordination Group of the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna Process (EHEA), the Association of African Universities and the Union of European Students. Their collective expertise will shed light on critical issues shaping the higher education landscape. The conference will also serve as an important platform to set priorities for the upcoming EHEA Ministerial Conference to be held in Tirana in May.

As part of this three-day event, the HAQAA initiative will convene its Advisory Board and Steering Committee meetings. These meetings will provide an opportunity for members to collaborate, share insights and collectively contribute to HAQAA’s ongoing mission of promoting quality and harmonisation in higher education across Africa.

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